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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 you were good to us

Happy New Years dear friends. Here's to a brand new year! One that is full of new adventures, new opportunities, and of course the unknown. I hope you had a wonderful time ringing in 2012, we certainly did here.
Our New Year's Eve was a family affair, maybe not as wild as New Year's Eves from the past, but I think it goes down as one of my most favourite New Year's Eve celebrations ever.
Our night included getting dressed up and all four of us (Noah, Katia, Daddy and Mummy) going out for a fancy dinner of sushi. I really enjoyed doing this, because for us, going out for dinner doesn't happen often, so it was really special. The food was delicious and I think Noah felt very special getting to go out all dressed up.
Later on we had our friends Leanne and Jeff over for a countdown/sleepover. Jeff and Leanne (plus Evey and Sunny) live out of town in the country, so it was best for them to stay over night. We had a lot of fun doing a 9pm countdown with the kids, which included sparklers and noisemakers. Whitehorse put on a firework display that could be seen from our upstairs windows, so it was fun to watch them with the lights out. Once the little ones were asleep we all did our best to keep our tired eyes open until midnight. It wasn't much after midnight that we all fell asleep ourselves. It was a simple night that had everything a New Year's Eve celebration should have. Bubbly, sparklers, noise makers, cheesy dance music, good food and great company!
Looking back over 2011, I am reminded that this year brought many wonderful blessings to my family and friend's lives. Starting early in the 2011 we were so elated when we got a positive pregnancy test, setting us off on an exciting pregnancy journey! Buying and moving into our lovely home here in Whitehorse was also a huge excitement for us. Trips home to Ontario , PEI and to Alaska were full of memories and of course the biggest blessing of all for our family in 2011 was the arrival of baby Katia. Some other memorable 2011 events were: my best friend Amy's wedding, Leanne and Jeff's wedding, the birth of baby Shaun-Elliot, baby Henri's arrival, and baby Emma's arrival.
Of course all these big events stand out in my mind as important and special, but I also like to remind myself that the little day to day happenings are just as important in the grand scheme of things too. I've been trying hard to teach myself to appreciate and take notice of all the little details that make life so beautiful, and so in recognition of that, here are a few of my favourite posts from the past year that recognize beauty in life, that show the times that aren't so peachy and the posts that talk about living in " the now" ...

Happy New Year's dear friends. May this year bring many wonderful things your way.

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