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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

meanwhile, at home ...

One look outside my window this morning and I declared that it felt like I was inside a snow globe. All day long the beautiful snow has been twirling and swirling and blowing outside our windows. Big thick fluffy flakes of snow, it's been truly beautiful to watch.
This morning was all about watching The Snowman (Noah's newest and favourite movie), making zucchini/carrot/chocolate chip muffins, working on our Christmas craft and hanging out at home. Cue the new Michael Buble Christmas album and you have an idea of how cozy it all felt inside.
We had no where to go today and I was thankful for it. The only thing I wanted to do was to get outside for a few minutes of fresh air, so late morning we bundled up and went out for a short walk. It's all about the short walks these days because I am now 38 weeks pregnant and if anything were to happen while I am out on my own with Noah, I want to know that I am not too far from home.
So we bundled ourselves up and went for a walk. Actually let me clarify that, I went for a walk while pulling Noah in his sled. First sleigh ride of the season and yes, there I was 38 weeks pregnant and pulling my 30 pound toddler around. I must say, I was pretty proud of myself. But seriously, it was just so amazingly beautiful out there, I didn't even notice I was getting a work out, well barely.
The rest of the day was spent back inside from the comfort of our cozy home. We had a visitor drop by in the afternoon and then Noah took a nice long nap while I rested (and um did some Pinning).
And that has been our lovely, homey, easy day. Perfect. I just have to say how truly blessed and thankful I feel today. I'm so thankful that I live in such a beautiful part of the country (Whitehorse, the city with the cleanest air in Canada!). I'm thankful for the beautiful landscape of the Yukon. I'm thankful that we are in the position that I get to stay home with Noah everyday. I'm thankful for simplicity, that we don't have places that we have to rush to or drive to, that we can just stay put on days like today. I'm thankful for my spirited son who makes me laugh everyday. I'm thankful for my hard working husband who is outside in the cold, rushing to car collisions and house calls, making sure that people are safe.
Happy Wednesday dear friends. Be back soon!
ps. if it looks like Noey has a puffy black eye, it's true. He had a head on collision with another little boy at playgroup yesterday. It was quite the scene for all of 5 minutes but then he seemed to forget all about it.


  1. Oh wow, you weren't kidding about the snow! That's crazy! And absolutely beautiful. I can just feel the quiet, looking at these photos.

    Oh and you look gorgeous, Jo! Love that photo of you all bundled up and happy.

  2. Loved this post...gave me such a cozy feeling and made me so excited for snow!!
    Noah is so adorable and so peaceful, I loved seeing him sleep.
    And are such a trooper! Just a few more days now, if that...
    xoxoxo Dawn


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