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Monday, July 27, 2020

Summer Days

This is the summer of COVID 19. We have been given the go ahead to socialize in small groups, to have people over, and to once again return to parks, restaurants and stores. Not everything is return to the old ways, masks have now become mandatory in all indoor public spaces, and we are just starting to get wind of how the coming school year will look. So far we know that students will "bubble" with their classes, and that they won't all have recess at the same time. Classes will be encouraged to take place outdoors as much as possible. Masks will be worn on buses. The cafeteria will be closed. Many changes for what school will look like. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I worry for teachers and students. This will be an added stress put on top of an already demanding job. They will be able to do it, but it won't be easy. Lot's of grace and patience will be needed for everyone - parents included. 

As for us, we are doing our best to spend as much time as we can, doing the Nova Scotia things that we love. This summer was supposed to look different for us. The older 2 were to go to sleep away camp, we had planned a tourist trip to Ontario, and a cottage trip to PEI with my 2 sisters. Of course plans always change, and if changed plans are our biggest problems, then we have it pretty good, but it still makes for a long summer - as the children finished school 2.5months early. This means, we have had 5 months of no structured school or activities. Yes, its a blessing, but it is also a lot of time together (remember we have no extended family near by). 

So day trips have become our "go to" for ways to keep us busy. We've done quite a few beach days, a day trip to the lovely and quaint town of Annapolis Royal, a trip to a fossil beach, a trip to the Museum of Natural History in Halifax, and a camping trip to Rissers Beach. Still on our list: camping at Caribou Provincial Park, a trip to Peggy's Cove, a hike at the Ovens (sea caves), and a last minute cottage trip to PEI. If you have to be "stuck" anywhere in the summer, the Maritimes is the place to be. 

So that is our life in a nutshell right now. Just taking things more slowly (no visitors, no camps, no sports), but also enjoy the beauty of our province and spending lots of family time together. 

Things of you and yours during this time 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

life goes on

Today the sun is shining, we've been out for a bike ride, we had a social distanced visit with Jess and kids. This is our new normal. School will not return this year, and we will continue to homeschool for a few more weeks, then summer will begin!

Right now, I am feeling good and at peace with life. While COVID 19 has brought much uncertainty to people's lives, I must say, that it has blessed us with the gift of family time - something that had been taken away from us due to our busy work/activity schedules. Life has slowed down. There are more walks, slower family meals, campfires and backyard play. It's slow and I am not complaining.
A few weeks ago, tragedy struck here in our adopted home province of Nova Scotia. To spare the gory details, I will just say that it was a tragic loss of innocent lives. It was completely shocking and unfathomable. 22 lives and an unborn baby were senslessly taken. Children lost their parents infront of them, grandparents taken, an RCMP, a teacher, nurses.... community people. And it make the whole thing more unbareable, families and friends weren't allowed to grieve together. The isolation made it that much worse.
On a personal note, it was a hard time for us as an RCMP family. Winslow had been called to scene, when the shooter was still active- which in itself was a very sobering moment for us. Thankfully, he didn't attned the actual scene- as when he was on his way, it was called off.  And then in the aftermath of the tragedy, he was called out to the scenes to investigate. It was a hard time. I was so heartbroken for those that lost a loved one, and I was feeling very isolated from the suport that I usually rely on (due to COVID, friends could come by to spend time with us). I'll be honest, this sent me into a dark place for a few weeks. Anxiety and depression came creeping in, and although it wasn't completely debilatating, it did make for a rough few weeks.
Thankfully, things slowly started to turn around. The days warmed up, and the garden beckoned me to come outside. The trails reopened, and walks in the forest were once again permitted. The beaches reopened as well, and social distanced visits are now ok. This week I had a socially distanced coffee date on my back porch with friends and it felt so good.
And so here we are. 2.5 months into this new life of COVID 19, where social restrictions will be our new normal, and the way we do normal daily tasks will forever be changed. Playgrounds are still closed, as are libraries and restaurants. It will be interesting to see how things move forward, but for now, we are trying to enjoy our days and the gift of family time. Our relationships have been strengthened, and that is one thing that I will never take for granted.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

these days

It has snowed twice. We've also had days of warmth, sun and heat. I've been home, so have the kids- except for one grocery shop that went horribly wrong (for me) last week. Picture me, with a small grocery cart, trying to do a large shop. Stuff piled high and falling onto the dirty floor. Me, hot and panicky - forgetting things, heart beating. It wasn't nice. I am therefore only going to send Winslow from now on. He's much better at handling things like this.
Our days have found a rhythm to them. It kinda goes like this. Wake up, coffee and chores. Breakfast, home learning (in our pyjamas - we are true homeschoolers now). Then free time (art, baking, games, play). Lunch, outside, Facetime with friends and family, exercise, T.V. / social media / movies.
Lately I've been getting the kids (one kid at a time), to help me make supper. This only seems to work because Winslow is home from work, and gives attention to Wesley. Noah has made a cake, cinnamon rolls. Katia made spaghetti and caesar salad, roasted garlic chicken and rice. It's been nice to be able to teach these skills to the kids. The gift of this time has been that we can do these things.
We have also been enjoying family suppers together. Usually Winslow isn't home for supper, and now that his schedule has been adjusted (due to COVID), we have had this time together. Very nice :)
What else have we been doing? Walks, lots of yard work (when it's not snowing), decorating our front lawn, puzzles, board games and just lot's of down time.
As for me, I've been finding myself quite tired these days. By 2pm, I really seem to want a nap. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't nap in the day. I can't shut my mind off. But lately I have been. Naps or just closing my eyes. Two days ago, I sat out on a lawn chair in my backyard and closed my eyes for 10 mins while I listened to all the chattering of the birds. It's lovely.
Other thoughts, if you've followed this blog back from the start, or at least for the last 6 years, you will know that we lived in a very remote community for 2 years in the Yukon. This community had a population of 80, and it was a 2 hrs drive to the closest grocery store, that was in Alaska. Talk about remote. I won't lie. Those years were hard for me. Aside from one set of amazing neighbours (Chrissie and James -who we are still friends with), I suffered from a lack of social support while there. I also battled depression. It was tough. While it was tough, I also learned some important lessons during those years. Things like how to "make do" or how to plan ahead (for groceries, upcoming holidays ect), how to be creative and adaptable. How a walk can count as your daily outing. How calling a friend can be a lifesaver when you are feeling lonely. Many lessons were learned while there.
I continue to think of and feel so much gratitude for our frontline health workers and essential workers. These people are working and sacrificing their health (and their family's health), so that we may have ours. Let's honour and thank them by staying home, and socially distancing.
With love.