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Monday, November 14, 2011

getting merry

Yesterday I got to tick some things off my Christmas to-do list. For many, it may seem way too early to even think about Christmas, but around here, there is a baby that could come any day now and I really must take advantage of all the free time that I have before she comes.
The big things that have been ticked off the list are that over the weekend Winslow got up our Christmas lights. I still haven't made a wreath or spruce bough (can't decide between the two) for our front door, but I will be getting on that soon enough.
Mid afternoon I made a trip to the post office to send off a Christmas parcel through an exchange that I am participating in. It is being sent off across the country to Nova Scotia where another police wife will be waiting for it. I got very happy as I wrapped up all the goodies I bought and made for her and was giddy with excitement when I covered her oversized envelope with Christmas stickers.
We (Winslow, Noah and I) also started a Christmas craft that will be sent out to all 3 sets of Noah's Grandparents for Christmas. Last year I made handprint ornaments made of Crayola air dry clay and this year I am making a little hand print wreath with a photo of Noah and Santa in the middle. I want this to be a tradition that is done every year, where Noah makes something special for his Grandparents for Christmas.
Then this evening I finally finished off my Christmas cards. They are now signed, sealed and will be delivered in a week or so. Again, maybe over the top, but I had so much fun adding a photo of Noah inside each card and putting a Christmas sticker on each letter. It is my hope that it will be exciting for the recipients to open them. I know I'd love to receive a Christmas cad all covered in stickers and such.
And so that is it for now dear friends. I still have quite the list of things that I would like to try and do for Christmas prep before the babe comes, but I am also feeling good that I have managed to start my list so early.
And how about you? Have you started on any of your Christmas projects yet?


  1. This is so festive! I am really starting to get into the holiday spirit. I don't mind if it seems early to some. It makes me happy so why not! I promise not to blast Christmas music in the office that I share with 4 other teachers... maybe just in the kitchen or the car! ;)

  2. After this weekend we will start into the Christmas season full throttle! I love the holidays and am always so excited to decorate the house. Each year as the boys get older it is just getting more magical!

  3. I can't believe it's been a year since we went to the Christmas market here in Vancouver!! I'm afraid this is the first year in a long time that I'll not be sending out Christmas cards! Of course, it's because of the move and the uprooting and all that. But it still feels strange, and somewhat wrong, not to be sending them out.....

  4. I'm starting to get organized for Christmas too - and I don't even have the baby incentive ;) It feels good to get the rushing around done in November so we can enjoy life in December.

  5. I haven;t started a thing....I need to get onto that. For the 1st time in 26 years, I am not doing Christmas at my house. We are all going to Montreal.

    You are very ambitious. I know you must be very tired.

    Have a good week.


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