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Sunday, November 13, 2011

weekend recap and a date night

This past weekend was exactly what we all needed at our place. A quiet, easy, simple weekend with not much on the go. With my hubby's line of work, weekends and weekdays run into each other so frequently that it is rare when we actually get a Saturday and Sunday together. Lucky for me, because I get to stay at home with Noah, we always manage to get in a lot of quality time together, regardless of whether it is a weekend or not. But I must say, it is nice to have him home and off for a full weekend. Saturdays and Sundays just seem to be a bit more of an occasion to celebrate. Weekends to me are all about big breakfasts, home improvements, lounging, running errands and things like that.
This weekend was much of that and more, as we snuck in a date night at home and managed to get ourselves to church on Sunday. Not bad I must say, especially for the state that I am in these days (tired, big and uncomfortable).
So, details on our date night (not those kinds of details). We couldn't find a babysitter for Saturday night, which in the end was just fine with us. We decided that we would rent a movie, get Noah to bed early and have some of our favourite snacks and appies. It was a pretty simple date night, but just what we needed and wanted.
We rented Crazy, Stupid, Love (not bad for a rom com) and prepared some baked brie (with cranberry/orange marmalde) and we also had some mini Asian appies (eggrolls ect). For drinks we had fancy smancy champagne (really I mean gingerale) in wine glasses. It was so nice and you know what was so cute? When I came downstairs from getting Noah to bed, Winslow had tidied the kitchen and living room up and had some candles and flowers waiting for me. Okay, so they weren't real flowers (they were on the ipad), but it was cute and thoughtful.
Now I'm pretty excited to see what else we can plan for date nights. I have a feeling that with the lil one on the way, date nights will be few and far between , but it might be nice to plan some out. Have you seen this blog series, dinner at eight? I think the idea is really sweet and it shows that you don't have to spend a ton of money or go anywhere fancy to make some special time with your loved one.
And so that's it from here. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


  1. I love it! Looks like a wonderful, cozy evening in... with your hot date! <3

  2. I always love reading your posts, Jo. It makes me feel like we're tucked up on my couch, with a mug of tea, having a good old girl chat. Hard to imagine that I miss this with you; my childhood friend whom I've reconnected with as young adults, never actually having these type of chats together. But I feel as if we have, and I miss them. It's so exciting reading about your pregnancy.

  3. Love the flowers! So sweet. We watched that movie a week ago and didn't love it. I'm not a huge Steve C. fan. Glad you had a great night in!

  4. That is really sweet! What a great date night! Need to do that myself one of these nights!


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