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Friday, November 11, 2011

brightness and lightness

Thursday evening's snowfall produced so much beautiful fluffy snow. This morning we woke up to some snow still falling. As I prepared my breakfast smoothie I kept an eye on the light , making it's way up. I was hoping for a sunny morning and that is just what we got.
We are nearing the darkest time of the year and it is quite noticeable. Last year I was rather excited to see how dark it could get here in the Yukon, but this year I am not so eager for it.
I'm feeling the need for sun and light. I'll just have to do my best to get out for walks while I can before it gets too cold.
This morning once Noey and I were ready to get ourselves dressed, we went out to play in the snow. My little Southern Ontario boy wanted nothing to do with the cold snow but I wasn't about to take us back in. So I pulled out the Chariot stroller, got Noah his blanket and decided to take a walk through the neighbourhood.
It was quite the workout for me, pushing Noah through the unploughed back alley ways, but it was oh so beautiful at every stop. The evergreen trees were laden with snow. The sunlight was so gentle, just peaking through the tree branches. The snow so white and light. It was a feast for the eyes and my camera. Just what I had been asking for.
As I pushed through the snow, Noah fell fast asleep, all bundled up in his blankets and stroller. I took my time while walking, stopping to take pictures, and yes, catch my breath. I was just so happy to be outside and to breathe in the fresh air.
Tomorrow I am hoping for another sunny day. Winslow has the day off from work and I think we plan on taking Noah out in his sled. Winslow can do the pulling.
There are also craft shows to attend and a special Christmas event at the local toy shop. I am hoping we can do some window shopping and maybe get a warm drink at a cafe when we are downtown.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend dear friends.


  1. Your day tomorrow sounds perfect. Enjoy every moment!

    Oh, and I have to tell you... I love the new banner. The winter light is lovely.

  2. Your baby girl is going to arrive any day now, I can feel it.
    These photographs are so beautiful and are making me very excited for our first snow.
    Your new blog header is also lovely!
    Thinking of you and waiting, waiting, waiting....

  3. This is so lovely Johanna! Thank you for sharing your beautiful views!


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