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Saturday, November 19, 2011

woe is me ... just kidding

Warning, this post is brought to you by a tired and grumpy pregnant lady. Just warning you.
It a chilly Saturday here in the Yukon. -30 c. Yes, it is that cold.
Hubby is off for the next 4 days and I am so thankful for it. I am so at the end of this pregnancy journey and I have decided that I am officially finished and want no more of it. Now, if only baby could just get the memo on this one.
I am tired, big, have puffy feet and a puffy face, my legs and thighs are sore, and so is my back. I am emotional. I'm agitated, impatient, weepy and anxious. But then on the other side of it all, I am excited with anticipation and am eagerly waiting for her to come.
This morning I went to the Yukon's biggest Christmas craft fair. Last year I was selling my goods at it, this year I got to go in early with the seniors and immobile. I had a few people look at me when I was in the line with seemingly judgemental looks and tell me, this line up is for seniors and the immobile you know. So, by the time I had heard it again and again, I shot a look back at the last lady who thought she'd inform me and I said, "I'm 39 weeks pregnant and have a toddler...I think I qualify to get in a few minutes early". I'm telling you, don't upset the pregnant lady. She will either bite you or start crying or both.
Oh and before going to the craft fair this morning, as I was having a 6 minute shower, look what my darling adorable sweet little Noah did. Yes, I came downstairs to find him covered in yoghurt and rubbing it into the carpet. I was slightly mad but at the same time, I must have found some humour in it because I started to take his picture. I did make him clean it up though, just out of principle.
It's been getting darker and darker here. This shouldn't come as a surprise to me, seeing as how far North we live, but I have to admit it doesn't have the same romance as it seemed to have last year. Last year it was all new to us, so I was excited to see how dark and cozy it could get. Now I just start to get annoyed as soon as dusk approaches (4:30 pm) because I have a busy toddler who I still have to entertain for a few more hours, even if it's pitch black outside. Sorry....the grumpy pregnant lady has come out again. The only romantic thing to come of all the darkness is that I now have a very good excuse to have candles lit at every meal. (Here are some pics of our sushi night. Noah LOVES sushi!)
Okay so that is my update. I'm sure you are super glad that you stopped by today- ya right!
Hopefully the next time you hear from me, there will be an itty bitty, teeny tiny babe nestled up to me and I will be in post-pregnancy bliss. Send fast labour wishes, prayers, thoughts my way.


  1. Oh Jo! You poor thing! I hope you have a lovely, relaxing evening tonight. Stay cozy and warm, and keep your feet up... I'm sending good wishes your way for the arrival of your baby girl. Soon!!!

  2. Sending lots of thoughts, good wishes and prayers your way. Sorry, but I couldn't help laughing when I saw what Noah had been up to:) You really are amazing accomplishing all that you have in these final weeks! Looking forward to reading some wonderful news soon.

  3. sorry but you made me laugh because I was there just 4 short weeks ago. Cranky, puffy, sore, and tired of everything and everyone.

    By the way, I would have beheaded whomever had the nerve to even suggest I didn't belong in the early line at 39 weeks with a toddler.

  4. Oh yes, hoping your next post will be full of baby bliss for sure!
    Hang in there sweetie, she's on her way!
    xoxo Dawn

  5. Your sushi looks yummy!

    I hope these last few days go by quickly and peacefully, with as much comfort as possible.


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