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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

40 weeks and waiting

Oh hello there!
It's a lovely Wednesday afternoon here and I'm just popping by to say that there is still no baby.
I am patiently waiting for her to come and while waiting, I've been working on some Christmas crafting and gift buying. I really wanted to be finished my gift making and buying before the babe comes, so that all I have to do is enjoy the season and not head out into the cold weather to do silly/busy/stressful holiday errands. I am happy to report that I am almost done :O)
As for the beeb, well, I am 39 weeks and 4 days along. The baby has "dropped" and I now measure 36 cm as opposed to the 38 cm that I was a few weeks ago. I am getting contractions here and there, with a few painful ones in there. I have lots of pressure and have been feeling nauseous, which are all labour signs for me.
So that's it from here. I promise to sign in once she is born and to give an update of how we are doing. Oh and then I will reveal her name too. We are pretty certain on her name, but we also have 2 back up names in case she just doesn't look like what we have in mind.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Take care dear friends and again, please send prayer, good wishes, good vibes my way for an easy delivery.


  1. It's all coming your wishes, prayers and good vibes...can you feel it?

  2. Oh, that waiting game is so tough. Will most certainly pray for a safe and healthy (and quick!) delivery!

  3. patiently waiting? :) oh come now! hope she comes soon!

  4. I think of you every day and can't wait to hear the good news........


  5. I am even more excited to see her sweet face than I was when you were about to post the inside colour of the cake you made to reveal her gender! :) All the best for an easy delivery. I hope all goes well!

  6. Thinking of you dear friend!! Can't wait to hear all about her. xoxo

  7. Thanks for all the lovely comments dear friends...yes... I feel the love! I'll keep you posted (still nothing)

  8. blessings to you and the forthcoming babe.


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