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Friday, November 25, 2011

a few details for baby

It seems to me that I haven't posted very much in the ways of details about what our baby's room will look like, so I thought I'd show a few details of her room and talk about a few things that I have picked up for her over the last few months.
One of the reasons that I haven't posted about her room is that it currently acts as the guest room and will be staying that way until after December. We have visitors coming to se us once she is born, like my mom who is coming all the way from PEI to be with us (in just a few days!!! weeee!!!) and my sister Sarah and my sweet baby nephew Bowan. So for us, we needed to keep that room ready for our guests.
The second reason why I haven't done a lot in terms of making it into a nursery is because we know that she will be sleeping in a basinet in our room for the first while and then will most likely join us in our bed when she is a bit bigger. We co-slept with Noah and expect to do the same with her, unless she happens to be a really good sleeper on her own. So really, her room will be used as a quiet space to nurse her, a place to change her, and a place to play and read quietly.
But a few of the details that I have been working on are hanging some fun and colourful items on her wall, like this framed alphabet print that I had hanging in Noah's nursery when he was a baby and these metal silhouette birds that Winslow and I picked up when we were first married.
I also hung up a small print of a lady in a large hat. I think this is a famous image, but I've never known who the artist is or what the title is. It was something that my mom had hanging in my childhood home and its one of the very few things that I have left of our old home, so I wanted to hang it. Plus, I've always found it to be pretty and feminine.
The other project I have been working on is a display of pretty fabrics in embroidery hoops. This is something I had seen done many times on Pinterest, and when I found out we were having a girl, I knew right away that I wanted to do this. I think it lends itself a feminine feel (artsy and crafty) without being too over the top girly.
A few other little goodies that I have picked up along the way....
This beautiful custom made Waldorf doll. I ordered her back in October and hoped that she would arrive in time for Christmas. Obviously the baby won't care about her yet, but I have always wanted a Waldorf doll because they are well made and something that can be passed down again and again. This doll was made by Atelier-Blueberrie, a Waldorf making doll duo out of France. I just received her in the mail today and am so pleased with how she turned out. I was even allowed to choose the colours, prints on her dress, skin colour ect. I wanted her to reflect what my daughter will most likely look like (half Asian), so I chose a bit of a tanned skin colour and black hair. Please check out their Etsy shop.
I have a few other dolls that will be displayed in our little one's room, like these three adorable Russian Matryoshka dolls that I got off of Etsy and these other little baby Waldorf dolls that I have been collecting for a few years.
For her coming home from the hospital clothes, this is what I have chosen and packed away in my hospital bag. When I was down South this past summer, I went a little bit nuts at the children's second hand clothing shops. Where else can you find adorable brand name clothes for just a few dollars? So I picked up this sweet little one piece white knit romper (baby Gap) for just a few dollars. The brown and white hat was Noah's and I still love it, so it is packed away in my hospital bag. I also had my friend, Lindsay, who lives in Ontario knit this adorable sleeping owl hat for me and will definitely be putting it on her when we take her outside to go home as it is so very cold here and of course little babies need to be kept warm. Please check out her Facebook business page if you are interested in ordering a hat from her. She makes gorgeous custom made hats.
And finally a little sneak of where the baby will be resting her head for the first few weeks of her life. This is the basinet that we had for Noah when he was a baby and this is where she will be sleeping too. Right next to me in her little Moses basket. I just can't wait for her to be here now ... oh I'm getting excited. And so that is it for now. Just playing the waiting game and hoping that she makes her debut soon.
When I see all these details together I am kind of happy with the amount of handmade and thrifted items that I have picked up for her. It's a nice feeling to know that she will be surrounded by quality items that were made by hand and made with love or by items that have been given a second chance.
Thank you all so much for all the kind wishes and prayers being sent our way. I appreciate all your comments and love. I am a little bit nervous about the birth because this will be my first time delivering a baby naturally. Noah was an emergency c-section and his labour was very hard and exhausting on me. But the good news is that I am in a really good head space. I have talked with my doctor (who I really like by the way) about all the different scenarios that could play out. I know that I really want to be able to have a successful VBAC and will do everything in my power to make it happen, but at the same time, I am accepting that if it doesn't work out I will be at peace with knowing that a second c-section was what was meant to be.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend dear friends. Be back soon! Hopefully with a baby in my arms while I am typing!


  1. Funny, I am pretty positive Reagan has the exact same romper from Baby Gap but in toddler size, she wore it in the car when we drove to see you in Ottawa.

  2. We're all still rushing to our blogroll when we see you have posted.......

    The doll is gorgeous. I love the natural feel of the room and the handmade items.

  3. What a wonderful way to welcome her home with a mix of meaningful items from your family life. It is a beautiful space! I can't wait to hear your good news! You are in my heart Johanna!

  4. I LOVE those embroidery hoops! So want to do that when I have my own babe. Hope you are feeling well!


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