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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Happy Monday dear friends. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, one that was relaxing and good.
Around here, we had a simple and easy weekend, one that included going out for breakfast and visits with friends. And while it was all lovely and really quite perfect, I couldn't stop thinking about the devastation in Japan.
While the sun shone down on us, I kept thinking about the chaos and loss on the other side of the world. I felt guilty and blessed all at once. Guilty for continuing on with my life, but aware and thankful for all that I have.
Sunday was a day of reflection. A day to realize and recognize that life is precious and beautiful. I took Noah to our church and was able to attend the whole service while Noah played downstairs in the nursery. It was a beautiful service with the message of community, acceptance and love being taught. I don't speak much of the church that I attend here in my blog, but I must say, of all the churches out there in the world, this one speaks closely to my heart as it fully accepts all people into it's community. It makes me happy that I have found a church that believes in social justice for all.
Later on in the day after Noah's nap, Noah and I went for a nice long walk on a wooded trail behind our house. It took me nearly 45 mins to complete the trail because I was pulling Noah (who is 25 pounds I might add) in a sled and I kept stopping to take pictures. It was a beautiful walk, with the woods and mountains surrounding me.
Along the way I kept passing cross country skiers and people walking their dogs. Everyone seemed so happy to be outside, enjoying the slightly warmer temperatures and the sun that has returned to us. It was nice to stop and say hello to the people passing us by.
As I walked along the trail, I consciously took deep breaths of the fresh Yukon air. It was quiet and all that I could hear were my foot steps and the sled being pulled. Just me and my thoughts, and many crossed my mind. I kept reminding myself of how lucky I am to be here at this very moment and took in all the beauty that surrounded me. I thought of my loved ones back home, my family and close friends who are going through some exciting changes in their lives. I thought of craft ideas, photo ideas, gift ideas, things to make and meals to make.
That walk was the perfect gift. A set amount of time, outside and away from distraction. Just for me to think and reflect and to be.
Towards the end of the walk I came to a huge hill. I've been trying to take this trail at least once or twice a week lately to build up some strength and get myself moving again.
I'm proud to say that I only had to stop once for a brief second to catch my breath and then I kept going, pulling Noah in tow. It was a little bit of challenge and in the end I finished the walk with a sense of accomplishment and slight tiredness.
I then settled down for the night in my warm home with my little family that I love so very much.
Yes, Sunday was a day for reflection and thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for and pray that I will always remember and be mindful of that.

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  1. What a lovely post Johanna. I am glad you found just the right place for you. We are so glad to have found a church home that is open and accepting of all and has a social justice aspect to it as well. I know that feeling and it is good! Gorgeous pictures!


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