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Thursday, July 21, 2011

on my mind on a friday afternoon

Little snippets from what is running through my mind...

:: there are 7 more days until my 4 year anniversary with Winslow. I have so many things to be thankful for with him. I'm hoping to mark the day in a special yet simple way. More thoughts on that later.

:: I am thankful that it doesn't get so hot here in the summer. My poor friends back in Ontario and Quebec are just sweltering in the heat.

:: our backyard plans are coming along. Winslow is building an epic shed, or as I like to call it, his new clubhouse. Soon we will have a fire pit and adirondack chairs out back too. Perfect for sitting out back on a chilly autumn evening with a hot drink in hand.

:: I've been trying to enjoy this lovely Yukon summer that we have going on. Hanging outdoors is where it's at. I wish the flowers that I planted in my front porch planters would stay like this forever.

:: I am debating whether I should take this 21 day meditation challenge that I read about. The idea is to carve out 10 mins a day and to sit in silence while letting go and meditating. I think I need this. My mind feels like it is racing all day long.

:: I have been enjoying nice walks after dinner with Noah. I have a little 15 minute route that allows me to get a bit of exercise in everyday.

:: I was trying to think of a dessert to take to my neighbour's house for dinner tonight and then remembered that assembling a fruit flan is simple but effective. Easy peasy.

:: We're liking this little IKEA spice rack that my friend sent to me. We placed it above Noah's IKEA play kitchen and I think it looks so cute for holding his pots and pans.

:: I am getting more and more excited to meet the little one that is growing away in my belly. I have been gathering and collecting hand-me-down girls clothes lately and found the sweetest little red Gap dress at a second hand store yesterday for only 1.25$.

:: Each day that passes has me in awe with how much Noah is changing. All my friends keep saying, he isn't a baby anymore and it's true. The little guy is just buzzing with energy and can go go go all day. He jumps and dances and runs and shouts and climbs and eats and's all so amazing. Less than a month until I have a 2 year old!

happy weekend friends!


  1. I love the header!! Just thought you should know!! XO!

  2. And what a wonderful little boy!

  3. Glad you are enjoying a lovely summer. Sounds like Noah is keeping you very busy:)
    Winslow is doing a great job with the shed. It's great to have a husband who is a 'handyman'.
    Wonderful to know that Noah will have a little sister. Enjoy every day.


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