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Sunday, July 24, 2011

sunday's are meant for not much

Today was an easy day with little on the agenda and lot's of time to just be with my little family. In the morning I went out with my friends Leanne and Julie to see where Leanne's upcoming wedding will be. It's a gorgeous spot about 20 mins outside of town. I will be taking the photos at her wedding (along with the help of my friend Tara) and so I wanted to see the space and get a feel for it before the big day.
The rest of my Sunday was spent with Noah and Winslow. We went to a little train museum and took a little train ride around the park. Noah has been becoming more and more interested in trains and actually asked me today if he could go on a that's what we did! We then had an ice cream at the park, went on to a flower nursery to pick out a tree and some shrubs for out front yard and then we did some groceries.
I was excited to see the shelves were well stocked with the type of chicken that I like to get. I do my best to buy "free from antibiotics" meat when I can and saw today that there was plenty of it, so I stocked up. Living up North, we don't always have the luxury of buying organic and free range food and when we do, we pay and arm and a leg for it. Also, forget about "local" food unless you want to do "wild" food. Which is so awesome but not always the most convenient to get. I would like to have more of it though. Fresh Yukon salmon? Wild blueberries and cranberries? Moose meat? I'd love to add more of this to our diet while we are here.
So, I brought home a whole roasting chicken and loaded it with fresh organic garlic, butter and salt and pepper. We had mashed potatoes and gravy with it and some orange glazed carrots on the side. It was rather cool and grey out today with spurts of rain, so a roasted chicken dinner was just what I was in the mood for. Tonight I will make stock out of the rest of the chicken so that we can have soup for lunch tomorrow, one of Noah's favourite meals (homemade chicken soup with brown rice).
After dinner I let Noah do some painting which he really seems to enjoy doing. Of course I just love watching him get into the process of painting. He is starting to make interesting marks on his paper when he draws and paints, today he was doing large circular motions and I just loved watching him do it. I must say, I'm getting so excited to see that he seems to love drawing and painting. This is something I hope we can continue to do together for a long long time.
After painting it was apparent that Noah was getting tired. I took him up for a bath, which he resisted quite a bit. Bath time has not been pleasant lately which is too bad really, because he seemed to love it before. Now it's a quick dip, scrub and "you're out" type affair....oh well.
Jammies, books, milk and teeth followed, and then finally a sleepy boy went off to dreamland.
And that was our day. Rather busy but the right kind of busy. I'm feeling a bit achy now with a sore back and tired legs. I think I will turn in soon and rest up for another busy day tomorrow.
Hope you had a great weekend friends.


  1. We went through a short period with my daughter resisting baths, it was so random! The weirdest part was that she wouldn't even sit in the tub, only stand. It lasted a few weeks and then out of the blue she was back to being ok with baths again. Though I wonder if boys are different because they like being dirty? lol

  2. Oh Jen! The only way Noah seems to like a bath is if I am in it with him and if we use a LUSH bath bomb....oh those things are good!


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