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Friday, January 21, 2011

friday I'm in love

It's Friday once again dear friends and I'm in a bit of contemplative mood. I have just about a week and a half left here in Ontraio and then I head back home. Thoughts of coming and going and where home is constantly run through my mind.
Time keeps on slipping and all I can do is enjoy the now. All I can do is try to be present.
And so the best way for me to do that is to say my thanks. To be thankful for what I have. To recognize what I am loving right now.

So this Friday, I am in love with...
  • having time with my family.
  • watching Noah play with his cousins. His older cousin Amira is so good with him.
  • seeing my mom after being apart for 6 months...oh how I've missed her.
  • going into stores like this one and this one on Dalhousie Street and becoming inspired.
  • eating at restaurants like The Green Door or The Light of India (in the Glebe). Places that we don't have in Whitehorse.
  • dreaming up ways that we can celebrate Valentine's Day together as a family when I get back.


  1. My first apartment was right on top of Workshop!!

  2. i haven't been down to the market yet this winter. it is a beautiful sunny day, perhaps it is my afternoon destination. safe trip home.

  3. Awe. I really need to spend some time in Ottawa.. the boy used to live there and misses it dearly.

  4. I just found your blog and see that we have a lot in common (although I don't like coffee ;) ). I have a daughter 3 yo and I work at home with art & crafts. I'll be back here soon!

  5. I love the photo...enjoy the rest of your trip. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.


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