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Monday, January 24, 2011

my weekend in photos

Sometimes there is so much beauty in the everyday and I'm so glad that I bring my camera along to capture it all. I'm learning that all pictures don't have to be perfect to tell a good story. And I need to remember that that is what I really love about taking photos, the story telling.
I started making these collages last year, where I select 4 photos from a day, a week or a weekend and then I place them together. It was one of my New Year's goals, to continue making these collages and I'm so glad that I started doing them again.
So with any further explanation.

My weekend included....
  • time spent with one very funny, outgoing and kind little girl named Amira (my niece and Goddaughter)
  • looking through my niece's beautiful colourful and decorative!
  • picking up a few little goodies at Nest
  • taking lots of pictures
  • staying inside, away from the frigid temperatures
  • having lot's of visits with family
Happy Monday dear friends. The giveaway winner will be announced this aft!

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  1. Looks and sounds like a lovely weekend. I love the collage of 4 photos. Great idea!


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