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Friday, February 19, 2010

why I blog. happy blog anniversary to me!

This post marks my one year blog anniversary, a pretty big landmark I would say for the simple fact that one year ago when I started out with birds on a wire I really had no idea why or what I wanted to blog about.
My first impressions about blogging were that it would be a great way to showcase my art and hopefully reach a few more people out there who might be interested in seeing my work. But I also knew that I wanted to add some personal touches to it, daily reflections, stories, inspiration ect. At first I wasn't sure how personal I wanted to get here. I was nervous about revealing too much of my personal feelings mostly for fear that people would either not be interested at all or worse judge me in some sort of way. But again slowly and within the limits of my comfort I have been sharing bits and pieces of my personal life and really this blog has become somewhat of an open book diary for me. One that I have come to enjoy doing in so many ways as you will find out. If you want to read a few personal posts about me check these two. Oh and this one.
For me blogging gives me so much pleasure and happiness. To begin with, as a medium I love blogging. I enjoy the process from beginning to end of creating a post. I often make lists of topics that I want to write about and I am always and forever in possession of my beloved camera so that I can capture a shot if I see something that I like. Blogging has helped me to slow down and observe the word around me. From listing the simple things in life that make me happy to photographing my nature collections, my blog has become a virtual sketchbook/journal that I enjoy adding to almost everyday. I just love adding posts to my collection.
And so in honour of this special anniversary I have created a little loot bag for one lucky guest that has come to celebrate with me. I picked up these little treasures at one of my favourite stores in Ottawa called The Papery. In this loot bag you will get, 1 lined EcoJot notebook, 1 sheet of amazingly cute animal stickers, 3 retro domestic wifey stickers and a sweet Belle and Boo card that will be ready for you to send off to someone. I really enjoyed picking up these little treasures in honour of my anniversary and am excited to give it away.
And so to enter the giveaway I'm asking you to please tell me what would you like to see more of on my blog. What specific topics do you enjoy reading about, what types of photos would you like to see? Also I'm making this giveaway only open to those who follow my blog, if you don't already follow me just go to my side bar and add yourself, it's very easy. The giveaway closes Tuesday Feb 23rd and I will announce the winner then.
And so this is the end of this little post. I just want to say to each and every friend who reads this (and yes I consider you all my friends) that I really appreciate each and every one of you. Each little comment that is left, each visit means so much to me. I feel so blessed to have connected with so many creative and inspirational individuals out there....and let me tell you I just love visiting other people's blogs. Somedays I am just blown away by the talent and interesting stories that others share through their days are instantly brighter when I take a stroll through my blog reader list.
Well my dears, I am signing off on what must be again one of my longest posts ever.
Happy Friday dear friends. Happy Friday!

*side note, these items were picked out and bought by me and have not been sponsored in anyway.


  1. i only just started reading your blog a short time ago and have read back through your archives sporadically. your blog is delightful, a nice mix of creativity, photography, insight, motherhood, and thoughtful ideas. do not change anything!!

  2. Happy blogging anniversary! Your blog is lovely and I am happy to hear you are getting so much joy from blogging. I have just really seriously started keeping up with my blog but already it makes me feel much freer.... to be able to express and share openIy is liberating. I would love to see more of your art so please share more of your talent with us!
    The goody bag sounds delightful! I hope I win! Lol!

  3. HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY!!! so exciting! So. This may seem like a cop out, but I just like for blogs to be a true representation of the person blogging... so just keep blogging about things that are on your mind. That's what your blog is for... For you to spill out the contents of your mind. :) As for photos... People are very visual so just post photos, doesn't matter what of. I like your blog. Keep up the good work. Keep sharing your art and your insights and pictures! And make a blog button soon!

  4. Happy bloggy anniversary! I love your blog :)

  5. Happy Anniversary Birds on a Wire!!!! I love reading about everything.... lunchbox adventures, stuff about Hamilton, photography, and your art.... it's one of the blogs I read everytime you post something.
    Thanks Jo... it brightens my day!

  6. And the "I love" ones.... it reminds me to stop and think what's important in my life...

  7. happy coming by to visit're a dear

    sending love

  8. Happy Blogiversary Johanna! Through your blog I love watching little Noah get oh so big so quickly, I love empathasizing and celebrating with you on your journey through the motherhood, I am inspired by your beautiful sketchbook entries, and, I love your love lists. Your blog is a constant in looking on the bright side and being thankful for our blessings. I agree that blogging is such a great motivator to notice those wonderful little details in the everyday.

  9. How exciting! I started blogging when I was pregnant with Gretchen & it's so neat to see how much changes in a year -- congrats! And I wish you MANY more years!

  10. The Papery!!Luckyyyy!
    I will enter your contest because a) the prize is from The Papery b) you rock MY blog world and c) I love getting to know you through your writing, pictures and art!
    What would I like to see more of? I loved seeing the sketch you did of sleeping Noah. I'd love to see more examples of how your deep love for him manifests itself through your art.

  11. Happy 1 year anniversary! I really enjoy reading your blog ~ it brings a smile to my day. I liked catching up on the older posts about you...I somehow missed when they first got posted...I think it was my moving weekend. So glad I could catch up on them!
    Continue on all the updates you give. I love everything about your blog!

  12. Happy 1 year sweet Johanna! I'm like you--I like how blogging makes me stop and reflect on the life around me.


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