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Saturday, February 20, 2010

happy 6 months little one

Happy 6 months little one, little one. My oh my, how you've just begun!

Yesterday was Noah's 6 month anniversary and as I have done for every other milestone month, I like to do a post just devoted to what is new and exciting in Noah's life.
This month's anniversary for some reason is really hitting me hard. I am in disbelief that Noah is half a year old. I have been making a conscious effort to savour and remember all the little details of Noah's life but no matter how hard I try to be in the moment, time seems to just fly by at an alarming rate. But this is how life goes right?
So in honour of my little man's 6 month anniversary, here is a list of all the things that Noah is up to these days:
  • The biggest thing is that Noah has started to eat people food (not just breast milk). He likes prunes with cereal and for lunch he likes carrots. He majorly dislikes peas for the fact that he can't digest them well and they give him tummy aches.
  • He now yells. Yes, he yells. It isn't quite a cry and it isn't a shriek, it's just kind of a shouting sound in baby form. He does this when he is not happy or plain old wants my attention.....uh oh...this could be the start of something bad.
  • He can sit up for a few seconds and then starts to lean over to the side and fall down.
  • He pushes himself up and tries to get into crawling pose but then collapses.
  • He laughs and smiles.
  • He reaches out for me when he is in someone else's arms and this melts my heart beyond belief.
  • He loves his Lolo (Grandpa), Lola (Grandma) and Tita (Aunt). We have been staying with them for the last 3 weeks.
  • He loves his cousins Tariq and Amira. Especially Amira when she dances around him and kisses and hugs him.
  • He likes to eat his feet.
  • He likes Michael Jackson. I don't know why. Maybe because I played it a few times but now when he is upset we play it for him and it settled him down. Strange kid I tell you.
  • He loves bathtime.
  • He absolutely loves to read books. He tries to turn the pages and really looks at what is on the page. This doesn't surprise me though as he has been interested in books since he was a newborn.
Happy 6 months my sweet boy. You are getting to be so big. You truly are a sweet little angel. and you make me happy and proud each and everyday. I love you more than anything in this whole wide world.
xox Mama


  1. How sweet...what a darling little boy...

    he sure has a great mama....

    sending love...


  2. i almost forgot..i love michael jackson too

  3. He is gorgeous! Look at all that hair! Enjoy every minute! :)

  4. Happy 6 months little Noni!

  5. Aww..he's just so cute!

    Have a super super super six month birthday Noah!


    Agatha x

  6. thanks friends! I'll pass the message onto Noah! :o)

  7. Wow! Give him a little 1/2 birthday hug for me!

  8. he is a cutie! enjoy each moment.

  9. He's sure growing fast! A charming little man! And my goodness, he love MJ like me. Awesome Noah! ;)


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