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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my week in photos

I'm just loving these warm sunny days. Everyday we've been getting out for walks around the neigbourhood and we always go to the park at least once or twice a day. We spend a good few hours everyday working outside in the garden and in the front yard (which is coming along nicely). At the end of the day we come in with dirty feet and sun kissed cheeks. What a stark contrast it is from the winter around here, where somedays the most we would go outside would be to run to our car.
The summer is here and I'm so inspired. My camera is with me at all times to capture the little moments of my days. The sky that is blue, the treat that I had at a coffee shop, the wild flower that I stopped to look at. There is colour everywhere and beautiful light to be seen. I think it's true that people in the North really take advantage of the summer. It may be short but it is beautiful.

So here we go with my week (so far) in photos...

:: a close up of a pretty wild flower seen on one of my walks

:: a butterfly that Evey found on the side of the road
(it was already deceased but very pretty to inspect)

:: a rare break (by myself) at a coffee shop to edit some photos. A cupcake is a must.

:: my sweet boy running along the path by the river downtown.
That boy just runs and runs and runs!


  1. He's just so lovely.....Noah is...

  2. Beautiful photos, Johanna. Hooray for summer!

  3. Summer in the north is so amazing. I sleep a lot less. In the winter I go to bed around 9:30 and up at 6 with the boys, but in the summer I am up until after 11 each night, yet still up at 6 with the boys!! I must be solar powered.


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