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Thursday, February 17, 2011

the days are cold

The days are cold and being inside is where it's at. With the temperature hovering around -25 (-40 with windchill) these last few days, we have been forced to stay inside for much of the day. One might think that staying inside would be the perfect recipe for cabin fever, but surprisingly we haven't been going crazy.
Yesterday, despite being with no car and it being too cold to go outside, we still managed to visit with 4 neighbouring moms and their kiddos. At one point we did venture outside. Yes, we bundled ourselves up for the 30 second walk across the street to our friend's house for a coffee/playdate and spent some more time visiting. Yay for visits with friends, for entertained kids and for coffee dates.
Today was much the same. A number of us moms met up at the Games Center for the morning program at the Literacy Center. Crafts, songs, snacks and playtime, Noah and his friends enjoyed themselves for hours. After the program we all enjoyed our brown bagged lunches and sat around talking. You see why I'm not feeling cabin fever?
I'm just so thankful that there are places to go and things to do here with little ones in Whitehorse. It really is a hidden gem this place called Whitehorse. Seriously, a very family friendly place.
And so I sit here now with a little guy who is passed out after his morning full of activity. I'm looking outside my window at the beautiful sun streaked mountains and day dreaming of when it will be a bit warmer. The winter is cold here. Very cold. And I would be lying if I said that I love this long season of cold. But if I have to live through a Yukon winter, I'm just thankful for all the things that there are to do here.


  1. adorable pic! cold here too -- looking forward to stroller season (or my next visit to OT) so we can enjoy some outdoors! xo

  2. What an awesome outlook you have on this! I'm glad you have a support system and some good activities to keep you guys busy and warm inside!

  3. That's so great that you can just stroll next door for a playdate! I've been feeling a little like we live inside a snowbank. For being the shortest month, February is so long!!!


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