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Friday, February 18, 2011

full moon

Happy Friday dear friends.
I hope your weekend is full of fun and adventure.
Last night was a late night for us, as Winslow, Noah and I wet out looking for the Northern Lights. We drove for about half an hour to a beautiful spot called Fish Lake. It's just gorgeous there.
The moon was full and was highlighting the mountains with pure moonlight. Wow!
The Northern Lights were supposed to put on a good show last night but sadly, we didn't see anything. I did take this night pic though, and yes, that is the moon looking like the sun.
And the second picture? Well that is the moon too. Only I adjusted my camera (in manual) to have an aperture of ( fstop 3.2) and left the shutter open for like 20 seconds. Those are actually stars in the sky. Cool huh? Just a bit of playing around.
So happy weekend dear friends!
Have you been on any amazing adventures lately?


  1. Both of those pictures are amazing Johanna! On the news this morning they mentioned that we just might be able to see the Northern Lights here in Minnesota tonight. We would have to drive quite a ways away though... to get far enough from the city.

  2. Wow. Cool is an understatement.

  3. Nice shots Johanna...I have only seen the Northern Lights once when I was in the Gaspe. I do hope to glimpse them again, it was quite marvellous.

  4. Absolutely amazing! Wow.
    I've only seen the Northern Lights once, in Newfoundland. They were breathtaking.


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