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Friday, February 18, 2011

thank goodness for...

Sometimes with the constant busyness of a toddler I need to remember to look for the good things that happen in the day. After one too many spilled milks, the tupperware drawer being emptied for the umpteenth time and messes made everywhere, all I want to do is throw in the towel and flake out on the floor. But it's days like these that will just fade into a distant memory if I don't take the time to remember them.
So here you go, messes and all, a bit of a thankful list from me. A ramble of what I am feeling thankful for today. Things that I don't want to ever forget. So here it goes...

...thank goodness for baby wipes. Aside from the obviously they magically seem to erase yoghurt that has been smeared all over my sofa. Thank goodness.
...thank goodness for pastel M&Ms. They taste oh so good and give me the hope of Spring. Although I think Spring won't be here for at least another 4 months. Oh give me strength.
...thank goodness for afternoon naps with the little one and for electric heating pads that make our bed all warm and cozy. A 2 hour nap in the afternoon is rare for me, but today I needed it and loved waking up to see my sweet boy still fast asleep right next to me.
...thank goodness for silly words that come out of my little one's mouth. Want to know what the word for strawberry is? "Bluahbluahblluah". And bubble bath? "Bluahbluahblluah". And blueberry? Yes you guessed it. Anything that has a "buh" sound is "bluahbluahblluah". So cute. I want to remember these things for ever.
And with that all said, we are off to enjoy a "bluahbluahbluah" or in other words, a bubble bath.


  1. Oh, you are so good at looking at the bright side through a long day - something I am challenging myself to do daily with our little guy.

  2. I commend you for remembering all these little things. You're right: it's the fibers our day is woven from!

  3. What a wonderful post. My little guy knocked over his milk 5 times today. FIVE! Somehow I managed to take it all in stride. It was a miracle!

    Thanks for reminding me about stopping to appreciate all the little things that make life with kids magical, even when I feel like flaking out on the floor! I totally get you.

    I hope spring comes sooner than you think. 3 months maybe? ;~)


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