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Sunday, February 20, 2011

sleepy eyes

One of my favourite parts of the day has become bath time. It's such a lovely way to watch my sweet boy transition from being a busy busy toddler to become the sleepy little baby that he is. Yes, he's still my little baby.
And so this is how it goes. Bath, bath bomb from LUSH, toys, bubbles, brush our teeth, jammies. Then we cozy into our bed and sometimes read a book, sing a song or say a prayer. I cover him with his favourite blankie and rub his back as he slowly turns his busy mind off and goes to sleep. I love this time of day. I love being next to him as he nods off. I love this little boy like crazy.

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  1. CUTES! He's looking less babyish and more little boyish everyday! Oh gosh <3


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