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Friday, June 10, 2011

welcome weekend

I hope you and yours have a lovey dovey weekend dear friends. Things that are going on around here ... garage sales, a trip to the wild life preserve, and getting ready for our visitors (my dad and step mom) who come next week, I'm so excited!
Other things on my to-do list, bake some strawberry-rhubarb muffins, do some photo editing and get caught up with my family over the phone and skype.
I'll leave you with a few photos from our trip to the fair the other night. It wasn't like the big Toronto Exhibition or anything like that, but it was sweet and well attended. There were probably about 8 rides and a few games but it was fun and Noah absolutely adored it. There is one photo in particular where he was on a ride and has this proud shy smile, it just melts my heart.
Have a good one!

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  1. so cute -- love his face in the pic with evey, too!


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