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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

feb 8th i love...

Today I am loving my sweet and wonderful husband Winslow, whose birthday it is today.
Oh where do I even begin?
My love, my one true love...he is so wonderful and my life is better because of him.
Winslow is such a great person. Everyone who talks of him says he is an all around good guy, the kind of person you can depend on and it's true.
Winslow is a quiet simple guy and isn't a fan of attention or fuss. He didn't want me to do anything for his birthday, but I couldn't let his day go unnoticed so I sent cherry chocolate cupcakes to his work (he didn't know) and I made one in particular very special for him (see the pic above). It may have been a tad embarrassing...a cupcake with sprinkles and a monkey but I just had to.
At home, I have decorated the house with our birthday bunting, streamers and balloons and am making a dinner of homemade butter chicken, samosas, naan bread and chocolate cheesecake for dinner. For his gift I'm giving him a 1/2 day dog sled trip and a cd. I also made him the card pictured above because he loves the movie Up!
Even though he isn't big on birthdays, I want him to know how much Noah and I love and appreciate him and isn't that what birthdays are all about?
For a little walk down memory lane, here are some of my favourite posts about my favourite man. See here and here.


  1. Very sweet. He's a lucky guy. As I'm sure he feels about you.

  2. What a sweet celebration for your special guy! Happy Belated Birthday Winslow!


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