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Monday, February 7, 2011

feb 7th i love

Today I am loving the unknown. The unexpected.
You see these beautiful breathtaking mountains? This is about 20 mins away from where I live. I took these photos just the other day when I went for a little drive on my own.
One year ago today the idea of living in the Yukon was just that, an idea. Those mountains? They were only a dream, something that I never would imagine to be my reality, where I live.
At this point one year ago, we had just found out that there may be a transfer, but for me it wasn't at all a reality. We were living our life in Hamilton, quite happily and then all of a sudden a transfer to the Yukon came up and our life changed dramatically.
If you've been reading along, you know how the story goes. A big move, big changes, a new life, new friends and although the story is still unfolding I am quite happy to say that we love it here and that taking that leap of faith, venturing into the unknown was one of the best things that we ever did for ourselves.
So today I am loving the big and scary unknown. Life wouldn't be exciting if it weren't there.


  1. so beautifully put! i got your message but had not a minute this weekend to formulate a response. i'll write you back when i'm back home tonight.

  2. Wonderful photos of amazing scenery. So glad you love it there.


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