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Sunday, June 20, 2010

20 things we love about you Dada!

(a picture I took of Winslow and Noah when Noah was 2 weeks old)

To mark June 20th, Father's Day, Noah and I have come up with a little list of 20 things that we love about Dada.

01. You let Mama sleep in on weekends, which is really thoughtful.
02. You play all kinds of fun games with Noah.
03. You take Noah fun places like to the car wash or to Home Depot.
04. You help Noah fall asleep at naptime...and sometimes take a nap yourself.
05. You do all the laundry everyday for Mama....we don't know many guys who would do that.
06. You work so hard at your job so that we can have the life that we have.
07. You give great hugs and kisses to both Mama and Noah.
08. You do the dishes every night after dinner....again, not many men would be so helpful as you.
09. You keep our car looking fresh and clean. Making sure it is safe to drive. Making sure we are safe inside of it.
10. You mow the lawn with Noah in the backpack which allows for him to get outside and for Mama to have some time on her own.
11. You have a certain way of chillen' out with can always get him to calm down.
12. You put Noah high up on your shoulders which makes him the happiest lil boy around.
13. You are great at barbecuing....something Mama still needs to work on.
14. You call Mama everyday from work. Just to see how we are doing.
15. You are our Super Man. We are proud of what you do for your job.
16. You care so much about are a family man.
17. You make Noah laugh, squeal, and shriek with excitement when you tickle him.
18. You are generous and giving with everything that you do.
19. You look at life as an admirable quality
20. You are a man of your word and of integrity. You keep your promises and take such good care of us.

We love you Dada. Happy Father's Day!


  1. Aww this is too sweet. I'm a bit jealous that your man washes dishes and lets you sleep in on weekends. We may have to get our husbands together.. hmm.. I may have to do something for my blog today. =)

  2. What a wonderful list and an amazing guy!

  3. Amazing guy indeed! I want one!

  4. Awe! What a great list - and a great man ^_^
    Happy Daddy Day!

  5. Aw that is so sweet, what a great guy!

  6. What a great list!!

    And I am another lucky woman who has a husband who does most of the laundry. I love it!

  7. So nice Johanna, Winslow has really always seemed to be so great to you and Noah. Troy lets me sleep too, it's so appreciated! I'm a little jealous of your clean car though. ;)


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