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Monday, February 8, 2010

happy birthday my love

Today is my sweetie's 27th birthday and sadly we aren't together for it. Just before he left for the month (he is in Vancouver for the Olympics) I made him a birthday dinner (he chose the menu). We had ribs, baked potatoes with fried onions and mushrooms and caesar salad. For dessert I shamefully picked up a store bought cake- but it was good and we just didn't have the time for me to make something home made.
Last night I wrote Winslow a list of 27 things that I love about him and emailed it to him. Today I will take a picture of Noah holding a sign that says Happy Birthday Papa and I will email that to him too.
He may be far away but he is very close in my heart.
xox I love you sweetie.


  1. What is doing at the Olympics.. watching, participating, how exciting!! That dinner sounds yummy!! xo

  2. How sweet of you...he will love the e-mails. It is so nice that we have that luxury these days.
    Happy Birthday to him.
    Thanks for your visit and comments!

  3. Aw the list of 27 things is so sweet! Today is my hubbies 31st B-day!

  4. You are the sweetest wife. And mother. And friend.

  5. awwww thanks friends. its a hard day today cause I'm really missing him.
    Caroline- Winslow is a police officer. Many police officers from across Canada will be on duty during the Olympics. He's gone for 5 weeks.

  6. I bet he loved the list of 27 things you love about him. And how exciting, for him to be going to the Olympics!!

  7. Happy birthday to you hubby! You're a thoughtful wife and I am sure he appreciates you!


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