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Sunday, October 3, 2010

oh fall!

Oh Fall! Thank you for coming back for one more weekend. I knew that you and I weren't finished. I knew that we still had some warm sun soaked afternoons left together. I knew that you would allow the leaves to stay red and yellow for just a bit longer and that sneaky old Winter was just playing a joke on us the other weekend.
Of Fall! I'm going to enjoy every last minute of our time together. I'm going to take as many snap shots of you as I can so that I don't forget your beauty. I'm going to make an apple pie tomorrow, just in honour of you dear Fall and I'm going to take an afternoon stroll too! I'm going to drink all of it up. All of the sunlight and warmth and colour and crisp air, I'm going to surround myself with Fall!
Oh Fall! Thank you for coming back...just this once more.


  1. johanna....yay! so happy that you have more beautiful fall in your neck of the woods....i honestly thought 'oh dear' when i saw all that white fluff you got a few days ago. enjoy your apple pie and your family sounds perfect!
    ps. love the photo of noah's little hand holding that great!

  2. hello miss johanna:),

    I'm so happy to see your lovely photos of fall:). It sounds like you have the perfect day full of autumn planned for you and your adorable family. I can't get over how precious your son is:). Every photo of him brings a smile to my face.

    Have a lovely, lovely fall weekend!!



  3. I have a fall series of photos as well! Love your series sweet friend! XO

  4. Where'd all the snow go? Crazy :)

  5. Oh, I am so happy for you Johanna! I can't get enough fall myself and we are at the peak here right now. When I saw your snow pics I was a bit heart-broken over the reminder despite their beauty! Enjoy this time!

  6. Yay for fall! I couldn't be happier. Love your photos.

    xo M


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