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Friday, October 1, 2010

my heart sings!

My heart sings when my sweet little boy picks up a crayon and finds the desire to make marks with it on paper. I honestly thought that children were older when they started to show interest in drawing but I guess I was wrong. Noah just loves to draw and paint, and of course that makes this artsy mama just over the moon with happy!
And how could I not be excited to learn that my son loves sushi just as much as I do! Now that we live up North and there aren't sushi restaurants on every corner, I have learned to make it at home and we eat it at least once a week. I make it with either smoked salmon or tinned crab meat and Noah just devours it! I think he also really likes the soy sauce part too. He loves to dip things into sauce.
Oh Noah, you make your mama very happy with all the new things that you are doing!


  1. what a sweet post.....beautiful photos of your little man. how cute is it that he likes to dip things in sauce? i can just picture him eating and children learn and develop is so amazing...
    hope you enjoy your weekend!

  2. So very sweet!

    My boys would both still rather eat or stack the crayons versus colour with them. Ahhh... my non-artsy family! heheh

  3. Noah's airplane sweatshirt is too cute. I'm so glad that he's learning to create and use that wonderful imagination!

  4. Paige loves sushi too, which also makes me happy!!! And I am with Kara on the coloring thing - while Paige would love to color all day, Hanna would rather eat the crayons...hmmm, maybe that's what I should give her when Paige is eating sushi....

    Great pictures as always!

  5. He really is such a sweetheart! And I am so jealous that you know how to make sushi. It's on my life to-do list! Yum!


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