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Friday, October 1, 2010

October already?

I can't believe that September has come and gone. How is that so? It just flew by at such a fast pace, I'm wondering where it went.
September may be gone but that's okay because for me, October is the real "get down to Fall" month. Thanksgiving and Halloween make it such a fun month...I'm getting excited already.
And on top of those two exciting occasions we have a number of other things to look forward to, like taking a trip to a cabin (that will be surrounded by snow capped mountains) with friends for Thanksgiving (a dream come true), a Christmas craft sale that I am helping organize and will be participating in, photos sessions, friend's birthdays and much much more.
I'm not sure about you, but I find that when I keep myself busy and have things to look forward to, that I just tend to feel more optimistic about life in general.
So here's to one more month of fall, even if the snow continues to come down here in Whitehorse.
Here's to hot drinks like apple cider, chai lattes and pumpkin spice lattes. Here's to a few more walks in the woods and the collecting of fallen leaves and other Fall treasures. Here's to displaying pumpkins, making Halloween costumes and trying not to eat the Halloween candy before the 31st. Here's to the last real month of Fall, because for me, as soon as Halloween is over with I go full force ahead into Christmas mode!


  1. happy october!
    thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays...turkey and pumpkin pie courtesy of my mom, what could be better than that?
    i have to stop myself from buying halloween candy too early as i knew myself too well and my lack of self restraint....but eating 10 little chocolate bars is better than eating one big one right?
    enjoy your day

  2. Happy October Johanna!
    I am thinking of you, so far away in Whitehorse, living amongst all that wild beauty.
    Thank you so much for your heartfelt note on my blog post about greys. You and I, we're connected. And we'll meet some day!
    xoxo Dawn

  3. This is my favourite time! I love the colours, I love the "crispness" and sweaters... but yeah... where did you come from October? I'll be sure to enjoy it!

  4. I go full force into Christmas mode, too! There's nothing I love more than being festive (and being able to share it with someone).


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