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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my best friends and crying in my hair dresser's chair

(a picture of my beautiful best friend Amy taken this past summer)

The other day I had my hair cut and coloured at salon here in Whitehorse. The girl who did my hair (Chantal) had come highly recommended to me and I was really looking forward to my appointment.
Right away I was very impressed with her shop, her professional and approachable demeanor and just the general ease that I felt in her presence.
So after our initial consultation about what it was that I wanted done with my hair, we actually got to the real "girly hair dresser chit chat", like where are you from, what do you do, tell me about your family ect. I'm not sure what it is, but for some reason much like you would with a bartender, I just started to open up to her like I had known her my entire life.
So our conversation continued and I started to ask her, what brought you up to the Yukon and oddly enough she told me that it was her best friend who convinced her to come here. She came up one summer, met her future husband, did long distance with him and then made the big move.
The thing that struck me about her story was that it wasn't only because of her firance that she had decided to move up to the Yukon but it was because of her best friend that she had made the move...she just couldn't bear to be apart from her best friend.
I asked if they were close, her and her best friend, and in reply she told me of countless examples of why the two of them were so close. She then asked me, "so how about you, do you have a best friend?" and that's when I burst out crying.
I sat there in my hairdresser's chair bawling my eyes out because I realized just how much I miss my dearest friends who are back home (and one who is in England). I thought of Amy, my dearest and oldest best friend who I have been through everything with. I thought of Roxy, my sweet sweet friend that I can pick up where we last left off with. I thought of Eugenia who I have grown up beside with, who is a hard working, talented designer and mama. And I thought of Liz, who I hardly get to see but think of so often. And then all of a sudden I felt a million miles away from these people. I missed them so so much it hurt.
Kindly, Chantal went and found me some tissues and brushed off my tears by saying that it was perfectly okay and normal to be sad and miss my friends. Still, I felt silly and embarrassed for having lost it on a perfect stranger. As I wiped my tears and tried to change the subject I just had to say one more thing to Chantal about the matter. I told her that her best friend was very lucky and that they were both very lucky to have each other. I told her that it was very clear that they cared a great deal about each other and that that was special.
And so that is the story of why I ended up crying in my hair dresser's chair. Funny but true. I guess I'm just an emotional girl who misses and loves her friends a whole bunch.

"A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same."
Elbert Hubbard

"I get by with a little help from my friends."
John Lennon


  1. Ooooh are so dear and precious. Your friends miss you too, I am sure. Thank goodness for airmail, internet, cars and planes. I don't know how people managed to avoid suicide back in the times before these.
    You are so loved, and give so much love, and that's beautiful!
    I understand all too well how you feel, having moved to a entirely different continent with another language.
    You will meet new friends, but most importantly, you will keep you old, best ones, too. I promise.
    Maybe it would be fun to do something 'together,' like cook dinner at the same time while on the phone. :)
    Love to you....and a big big hug!
    xo Dawn

  2. oh and now you made me cry too.....sitting here at my computer thinking of sweet johanna with colour on her hair and tears on her cheeks! adjusting to a new home and trying to make new friends is in my new city i sometimes am overcome with a deep sense of loneliness when i think about how i can't just call up my little britty for coffee or how i can't give my cheryl a i pick up the phone and i call them just to hear their voices....
    thinking of you....with love.

  3. Damn. Now I am near tears missing my friends that live so far away!


  4. Ohhhh!! So sorry. Goodness. I remember crying in voice lessons in college! My lame-o teacher didn't know what to do with me!:) Just think, you'll have the special bond with your hair dresser now! Thinking of you!

  5. Aw, B, you're SO cute. I miss you too! If it makes you feel any better, I'm still in the same place... but everyone's moved away. : ( I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you at Christmas... time with B and Nordic, crafts, wine and good food? What could be better? xoxox Love you so much oxo

  6. I love reading your posts. It seems like we go through a lot of the same things too. We are at our first posting now and I do miss my family and friends back "home". It is comforting to know that there is someone else going through similar experiences as I am.

  7. Awe, gosh -- now you're going to make ME cry!
    Hairdressers and bartenders alike -- they definitely know how to get the goods out of you <3 You're so lovely, Johanna. Your best friends are lucky to carry your in their hearts.

  8. I totally know how you feel Johanna....and if it helps at all, you are not alone. Keep your chin up!

  9. Oh Jo, I felt the same way when I moved to Hong Kong, and then again when I moved here to Vancouver. In fact, I've been here for three years and I *still* cry sometimes over how much I miss my best friend. All my love and hugs are headed your way (along with my best loose leaf tea). xoxo (ps - one of my very best friends started out as my hairdresser, 10 years ago!)


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