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Friday, July 23, 2010

even just for an hour

Even if it is just for an hour, it is always so much fun to get together with a dear ol' friend and catch up over iced tea.
Lately I've been thinking a lot about friendship and just how I can stay in touch with the people who I consider my closest confidants. The reality of being a family that moves around a lot is sinking in. I suppose I'm a bit afraid of loosing touch with those that I am closest to. Oh the struggles of growing up.
But I know this much is true, a good friend no matter how far the distance or how much time goes between visits, will always be there. And that is something that I must hold dear and true in my heart.
How about you? How do you stay in touch with those that are far but are important to you?

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  1. so fun! my best friend lives in portland, oregon. we have 2-30 minute conversations whenever we can fit them in. a quick text here and there. it's sporadic, but consistent, if that makes sense. and it works. and someday we'll be able to fly and see each other more often, but as mama of little ones this is what works right now.


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