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Friday, July 23, 2010

11 whole months

My goodness. This is somewhat of a difficult post to write because it is the last one that I will write that chronicles Noah's first year. Next month he will be one!
Like most parents that have had their child turn one, I'm left wondering, where did that first year go? It's true. Really and truly much of the last year has gone by so darn quick and if it weren't for this little blog here to look back on those days, I don't think I'd be able to remember all those firsts and milestones and the little things that happened every day.
But for now I still have an eleven month old baby...and I'm going to hold onto this last month as much as I can.
And so, as usual, here is my Noah update.

These days Noah is....
  • standing for short spurts. but then he falls gently on his bum.
  • saying mama, dada, nana (banana) on a daily basis.
  • makes a grrrrrrr sound for any animal he sees. if we see a lion in one of his books, grrrrr. same goes for a sheep or a cow.
  • signs (intentionally?) for milk
  • is still nursing but has decreased quite a bit.
  • eats lots of grown up food. his favourites include (all homemade) hummus, pasta casserole, toast and butter, bananas, watermelon... I could go on here but I won't. the boy can eat!
  • is sooooooo active and busy. Noah busts from one side of the room to another in seconds.
  • is happily sleeping with mama and dada every night. it is what feels safe and consistent for all of us.
Happy eleven months sweet Noah. You are such the apple of my eye. I love your giggles and cries, hair and eyes. I love every singe thing about you.


  1. Wow, Johanna. Really?!?! I know. I look at Caroline and can't believe she'll be 10 mo. in a week. So hard to believe. That little Noah is what great kid.

  2. 11 months! Oh my word -- it's so fast!
    (Next Thursday G will be 18-months.... wow.)

  3. such a beautiful post and a special little boy.

  4. what a sweet post..i can feel your love for your little boy right here...

    you are such great parents...what a lucky little boy...

    he is adorable....
    enjoy every minute

    treasure it all
    so nice to have the blog to look back on the year

    sending love to all of you


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