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Saturday, March 6, 2010

dear old friends

Today Winslow, Noah and I had the pleasure of getting together with our good friends Eugenia, Irvine and their baby Theo (my beautiful god son) for lunch. They drove down to Ottawa for the weekend so that we could see each other before we head back to Hamilton. You see, they live in Montreal and we live in Hamilton and it doesn' t happen very often that we get to see each other.
Eugenia and I met back when we were each in our first year of art school in Halifax. Gosh, it feels like forever ago! We were so young, so inexperienced and now look at us! Young moms, piecing our lives together, navigating ourselves through uncharted's hard to believe that we've been through this all together. 10 years! Wow.
This May, Eugenia and Irvine will be getting married...and I am getting so excited for it. And I can tell you now, I'm gonna need some serious tissue supply. Tears will be a rolling. I'm so happy for them- they truly are such wonderful and talented people.

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