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Sunday, January 1, 2017

my baby you'll be

December 15th snuck up on us. I wasn't ready for it. There was no way that it felt like a year had passed, but there we were, Wesley's birthday. 
Wesley's special day serendipitously, ended up being a snow day for Noah and Katia. So lucky for Wes, he had his two favourite  people in the world, there to celebrate with him. In the morning, Wes was surprised with balloons, a few small gifts, and pancakes and fruit for breakfast. Of course we pulled out the birthday ring for him too! Then it was off to the doctor's (for me) and after my appointment, I surprised everyone by taking them to a sweet local indoor playground/cafe
The afternoon was spent making a delicious carrot cake, playing in the snow, and making Wes' favourite dinner- spaghetti! Winslow had to work, so we had dinner, got into jammies and waited for him to get home so we could have cake. We sang to our little baby and watched him take in his special moment. It was sweet.
And then, 2 weeks later (Dec 31st in the afternoon) just to continue on with the celebrations, we held a little party for Wes with some close friends. Food, drinks, cake, colouring pages+playdoh for the older kid guests. It was simple, sweet and stress free... and Wes looked so cute in his little bow tie. 
To me, Wesley will always be my baby. He's the third born. The one who has it easy, and has parents who know the drill. He's the missing piece to our puzzle, and the one that completes our family. He is without a doubt, so meant to be here.
Happy birthday to our adorable, sweet, piece of the puzzle. We love you. 

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