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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

breathe in, breathe out, repeat

Looking back on my last post, I am a little bit heart broken over how I let my emotions consume Christmas day. I am thankful for the time that has since passed between December 25th and now. I am thankful for the space, for the quiet, for the calm that comes after the storm. 

Since Christmas, I have been taking walks, talking a lot to good friends and my sister (so so so thankful for listening ears),  been to the emergency room (once again with Wes), been feeling supported by Winslow, been looking forward to good things to come for 2017. 
2016 wasn't easy in many ways for us. Financially we had a rough year. Support wise, we had to learn to juggle 3 kids with no help. Emotionally, we have had to start from scratch in making friends, it's been slow, but I am thankful to have a small handful of people who I count as friends. There have been many lessons that 2016 has taught me, and I suppose, seeing that we are on the other side now, I am in a place where I can accept those lessons. 
There are still a few days left of 2016, and I am doing my best to salvage what is left of the holidays and enjoy our time together as a family. 


  1. Frankly, I loved your Christmas post. Well, I didn't love knowing you were having to go through all that; I did love that you shared it. Very brave of you. I have a list of about 30 blogs I like to visit and yours is one of them. Most have to do with quilting or cooking. Don't know how I came upon yours. It must have been in a list of one of my friends....maybe Moosestash Quilting or Squash House Quilts, or..... don't know. We are at Prairie Cottage Corner so come visit sometime. You blog more than I do but I hope to improve my frequency in the coming year (one of my resolutions). You are almost young enough to be my grand daughter and I've had days and Christmas Days like you've had.....times where all were sick, no one to cook, no one really well enough to take the others to the doctor. Those are awful times.....times where we just go through it, numbly, yet, with every nerve overly sensitive. At the time, I couldn't begin to count my blessings, I was so buried in the horridness of it all. Slowly, though, as the weight lifted, I began to see the blessings clearly again. Gradually, I learned things that helped future episodes but every now and again, still, we are blind-sided by blizzards of adversity. I think we must live very charmingly, most of the time, until all heck breaks loose. Well, friend, we hobble on, somehow, don't we? Thankful for even a little, weak, winter sunshine. I'm thankful, somehow, for the hard times. They don't get easier. They still come; but I'm a little better, maybe, at getting through them. That comes with age. Of course, with all the years, come physical and neurological weakness that undermines all that hard-earned strength. Crimony, does it ever end?! Nope. But we are salve to one another and smile in the darkness, with a little prayer to keep us from becoming too wobbly. Your friend, Kathie, in Odessa, WA.

    1. Hi Kathie,
      Thank you so much for your kind, insightful and supportive comment... I appreciate it.
      I hear what you are saying about seeing the blessings after difficult times. Just coming out from this crazy season, I am now seeing some of the good moments... even though I didn't see it at that time.
      Thank you again!

  2. oh Johanna you have a lovely family and cherish these days with your babies they go by so fast - really they do - mine are 12 and 15 and i look back fondly on the baby and little people years, this too will pass all too quickly and then you will realize you fretted over the small stuff. all the best for 2017


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