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Thursday, December 1, 2016


Welcome December! The most magical, beautiful, cozy and kind month there is! December is here, and I am welcoming it with open arms.
I have so many lovely ideas swirling through my head. Gifts to make. Cards to write. Menus to plan. Memories to make with my family.... and I'm really wanting to make this season a meaningful and present one. This year I am focusing on making many of my gifts. A step towards the way I have always felt Christmas giving should be. I'm inspired and can't wait to show my creations!
A few weeks ago, I was in a slump. I'm not exactly sure what brought it on, but I just couldn't feel in the mood for the season. I had conflicting feelings about it all, and truthfully, I felt disconnected from the usual joy I feel around this time of year.
Thankfully, after talking about it with my good friend, I started to find my groove again. I think it was important for me to stop and pause, and take stock of what this season means to me personally, and then to my family.
What I want and what my family (children I should say) are sometimes two different things.
I certainly enjoy the magic, excitement and energy that my children get from the season,  but I also want moments of calm too.
I want to find moments of peace. I want to find moments of reflection. Moments of quiet. Moments of stillness. I think it is important that I find these moments for myself to enjoy during this season too.
Things like: walks in the woods, enjoying a hot and decadent drink, lighting candles, writing cards to friends, crafting and making, preparing warming foods that nourish us. I am reminding myself that what I love best about December and Christmas is slowing it down, and enjoying time with my family, and that is what I am reminding myself to focus on.


Life in November brought us Remembrance Day, a birthday (and a party) for Katia, a visit from Nana, busy days of having afterschool kids in the house, our first snow,  a turkey dinner with Nana, some photo sessions, the beginning of Christmas crafting.

I shall leave off with some pictures from the last few weeks.


May we all find moments to take in deep crisp air breaths, and find the quiet that we need.

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  1. the one of wesley peeking over the bathtub, I love it!!!!


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