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Sunday, November 20, 2016

katia's puppy adoption party

For my standards, this was probably the most simple birthday I have ever done for the kids .... and probably one of the most enjoyable ones too. 

This year, for Katia's birthday, we had an adopt a puppy birthday party. Each guest received a Beanie Boo puppy as their "take home gift" (which I bought in bulk and for sale through Chapters). During the party, the guests filled out an adoption certificate, took their dog to the vet, had a visit to the beauty salon, and made their dog a collar. 
We're trying to simplify in our lives, and in our budget these days too, so I made some conscious decisions to not go completely crazy with unnecessary "extras". We kept the food healthy and simple. Fruit kabobs, cheese+crackers, veggies, pretzels and Katia's favourite chips .... with puppy cupcakes too, of course. I did facepainting for the guests, and then they decorated their bags to take their puppy home in. We kept our guest list to a manageable number (which included Noah and one guest for him). All in all, it was a lovely afternoon, where Winslow and I didn't feel overwhelmed, the guests enjoyed themselves, and most importantly, Katia felt special and loved. 
Our girl turns five in just a week, and I am a wee bit sad to say goodbye to my four year old. 
She's getting so big, and I'm not seeing my baby near as much as I am seeing a big girl. She's kind, helpful, an amazing big sister to Wesley, creative, smart, so social, and such a sweet sweet person. 
Happy birthday Katia. You are so special to us, and we all love you to pieces. 

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  1. lovely! I wish I remembered to take pictures at E's birthday I basically missed capturing it. You did a lovely job I'm sure the guests had a great time


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