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Thursday, December 8, 2016

december moments

December is here and I am making sure that I find moments to slow down and enjoy this most beautiful season. 
I have been looking inwards, to try and make some sense of what this season means to me. 
Spiritually, I cannot deny that there is a feeling of anticipation, wonder, renewal and a need for quiet, all in my heart and mind. 
So I make conscious decisions to put down my phone, turn off the noise, and just be. 
At night, I allow myself to feel the darkness, and listen to the little breaths from my babies who sleep next to me. I try to let go of worries. I try to accept and embrace what is. 
In the day, I bundle everyone up, and we head for an adventure in the woods. As we walk further and further, we move away from the development and deeper into the woods. The promise of a hot chocolate picnic keeps the older two in tow. 
At home, I have designated our spare room to my crafting, card writing, and present wrapping. My sewing machine has been a whirring lately. It feels good to know that many of the gifts we are giving this year, are homemade and from the heart. 
In the kitchen we have been enjoying hearty meals by candlelight. Knowing that it is important to come together, to sit, to share, to pause. 
This season, I am letting Christmas be, what it will be. I'm letting go of high expectations and am taking stock of what we have in front of it, and it is more than enough. 
May this season be what you need it to be. 

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  1. just the pictures of your house warm me and calm me, I can't just imagine the wonderful vibe in it. I love the meals by candlelight, I must try that and the art is FABULOUS.


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