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Monday, August 8, 2016

one last ....

It's early August and the days are long and hot. We are more than half way through our summer vacation, and this is where we (the parents) are having to tap into our reserves. Our patience, energy and enthusiasm is running low. The kids know it, and are fighting more than usual. It's hard to find the momentum to continue on with the day trips to the beach, the pool, the library. It all seems like so much work, and it all falls on us. 

Each day, I scan my phone weather app, looking for a hint of cooler Fall weather. I am weary of taking Wesley (and the older two for that matter) out on those hot and muggy 30+ degree days. I wish to take my kids into the forest for a long walk, or down to the dyke. Instead, I find myself resorting to the cool air we have at home thanks to our heat pump, but at home, we all crowd each other. 
It's always at this point in the summer, that I yearn for the turn in seasons to happen. Tapped out, I begin to feel tired and ready to slow down. I crave slow days. I wish for cool weather. I want permission to be at home and be cozy. While my heart wants all these lovely things, summer isn't done yet, and I know that I must keep going. 
Somewhere in there, I need to muster the momentum to have those picnics, take those day trips, and most importantly enjoy this uninterrupted time with my children. It's not easy, with us all on top of one another, but soon we will be finding a new rhythm to our days, and I have a feeling I will miss my long hot days with them.

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  1. Exactly! I am right there with you on this one. SOLIDARITY!


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