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Saturday, August 20, 2016

our boy

It's been a two day celebration around here for Noah's birthday. Our boy is now 7 years old, and has entered into the world of being a mid aged kid. He's no longer a little boy, not quite into his preteen years, he is in the middle. 
Growing up is hard sometimes. Everyday, he is faced with new challenges and is learning more complex ideas. Some days are hard on him (learning can be hard and tiring) and some days are amazing (success!) but always, it's honour to witness him navigate through it all. 
Noah is a good boy. He is such an easy going, helpful, responsible, and kind kid.  He is an amazing big brother, who sets the bar quite high. He's so amazing this boy. 
These days, Noah is into animals, especially the beaver. He loves to read about mammals, loves to learn about them and play make believe with his stuffies. He still loves his lego, loves to ride his bike, loves to play soccer, and is even learning to love to swim. 
Noah's birthday this year included, presents of lego, stuffy beavers, books and a painting I did for him. We had breakfast in bed, swimming lessons, all you can eat sushi, a water balloon fight, a movie, dinner and cake! 
His party was held at an indoor wall climbing gym, and included friends from the neighbourhood, school, and beavers. We played games, climbed and climbed, ate too many sweets, and had a blast.
We wanted Noah to have an epic birthday, and I'm pretty sure, that is what it ended up being! It's been a special celebration, just for him, just for our boy. 
We love you so much Noah. 

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