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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

island living

 If you know me, you know that I start to look for signs of Fall nice and early. Of course I squealed with delight upon finding some leaves that were ready to change. 

There's something symbolic about travelling onto an island, I think. To travel onto an island, is like leaving one world behind, to enter a new one. 
Islands have always held that sort of magic for me. I have early memories of taking the ferry to Prince Edward Island and to Grand Manan Island, and there's something so special about the passage of time that it takes to get there, the water that surrounds it and the feeling of being isolated (in a good way). 
This past weekend, we had two island experiences, here in Nova Scotia. 
Our first experience was a 3 night glamping (yes, we have a camper) trip to Graves Island Provincial Park. A small island, just off the mainland and connected by a small cosway, this spot was absolutely beautiful. Views of the Atlantic ocean, wild berries to pick, paths and walking trails to discover. It was a beautiful spot, and I felt a real sense of peace and calm while there. 
Our second island experience, was a long anticipated, day trip to Big Tancook Island. 
This trip required some planning on our part and a 1 hrs ferry ride too. It was a lovely spot, but I'm not quite sure that it is such a "young children" friendly trip, as it required more walking than we expected. It was a very hot day, and the kids were pretty exhausted from it all, as was Ryder. 

Despite being tired, we still had fun exploring the island, and again, the views were breath taking. The highlight for sure was the ferry ride, and the abundant beach glass at the beach. 
This summer has so far turned out to be one giant vacation, and almost daily,  I am reminded of how blessed we are to live here. It used to be, that I would get to enjoy the East Coast once a year for a week or two over the summer. It would be something I craved and dreamed about throughout the year, and now, at the risk of sounding cheesy, I am living that dream. To see my littles play in the ocean, bury their toes in the sand, and chase the surf ... well, really, it is so special. This is our home. This is our life, and we are beyond blessed.  

Weekend memories ... 

~ wild blueberries and raspberries ~ bike rides and walks on the trails ~ campfires ~ white sand ~ crashing waves ~ sea salt air ~ wild roses ~ picnics on the beach ~ salt and vinegar chips ~ a boy and his dog ~ stunning sunsets ~ games of "go fish" ~ family time. 

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