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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

slow and simple

I know that the term "simplicity" is such a trend word. It's seen on magazine covers, product names and more. Why is it that we are so drawn to a more simple life? And how can it be achieved?
In the never ending quest for a more balanced and peaceful life, I have been making a concision effort to make little life changes. Some are small efforts, that at once, don't seem to make a big impact, but I know they add up to make a difference.
Simplifying our family life, comes in many forms. From the purging of old things that are no longer needed, to creating a weekly meal plan, to keeping a family calendar in the kitchen, where all our appointments, shifts, engagements are seen in one place. It's these little things that once all put together, make a pretty big impact in  how our rhythm pans out.
Then there are the bigger decisions towards simplifying. Such as deciding not to put Noah into any summer camps this year. It costs money we don't have. He doesn't thrive in a busy over stimulating environment. Katia will have a guaranteed playmate all summer long. Our schedule is freed up, for us to go on any daytime adventure we want!
I'm trying hard to find moments in my day to feel present and grateful for what I have. To take notice of the simple things and welcome them into my heart.

Simple things that I am grateful for....

~ a walk in the woods with my kids and my dog. A way to recharge. A way to find quiet. A dog, so joyful and happy to be off leash and bounding through the woods.
~ 2 days of cool wet rain. Permission to slow down. To stay inside. To drink tea, eat popcorn, read books and watch movies.
~ homemade chicken and rice soup for everyone, including Wesley.
~ the summer reading program at our local library. Free programs. Motivation to read.
~ sweet U-Pick strawberries
~ hanging out on the soccer field, watching the kids run around and chase balls in the summer heat

So here's to simple and slow. May it's rewards be easy to find.

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  1. Yes! Beautiful post. I love reading your blog.


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