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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

celebrating our boy

We are almost at the 7 month mark of sweet Wesley's first year. There have been so many joys, so much to take note of, but the days seem to go by so quickly. 
Right now as I write this, he sleeps peacefully in the ergo carrier (that I used for Noah and Katia). It is a hot summer night, but this is how he wants to be. So close. 
At nearly 7 months old, Wesley is doing so much! He sits up and crawls. He babbles away. He's eating new foods, he's interested in toys and books, he adores his brother (Kuya) and sister (Ate), and he loves his puppy Ryder (although I keep a close eye on their interactions). 
While in Ottawa, we had a special celebration for Wesley. He was baptized at the Catholic church, by Winslow's family's priest. It was a really special day, where family and friends, came to officially welcome our boy to the world. Many of our friends and family, had not met Wesley yet. So it was very much like a welcoming party for him
When planning the special day, we asked our dear friend Sarah, if she would be Wesley's Godmother. It's hard for me to put into words, just how much my relationship with Sarah means to me. It's not something that I can easily sum up with words. It is deep and beautiful and precious. 
Asking Sarah to be Wesley's Godmother was important to me. I know that she cares for him and I feel a strong connection to her on so many levels. Spiritually, creatively, morally. Sarah is the kind of friend that I look up to. I admire her and she inspires me, to be a better person and mother. We are so blessed to have this amazing person in our lives, ans she fits the bill perfectly to be an  awesome Godmother
And so here we are. A whole half a year old. While I am loving each stage with this sweet and busy boy, I just wish for a moment that I could slow time down. It's going so fast, and I am catching little glimpses of who this little person is going to be as he grows up. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's bittersweet, this whole baby thing. I love to watch him grow, but I will miss it so much when it's all over. Oh my baby boy. 

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  1. Oh my friend, the feeling is mutual. I love this little dude so much, and have loved being a "northern tita" to Noah and Katia. You will always be worth the effort it takes to see each other!


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