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Friday, July 8, 2016

ottawa in 8 days

Going back to Ottawa is always a bit of a crazy time for our family. We do our best to pack in as much as we can, into a short amount of time. Visits with friends, time with family, taking the kids to do special "Ottawa" things. 
This trip to Ottawa involved many celebrations, visits and excursions, all jammed into 8 days. Unfortunately, most of us were sick for the majority of the trip, and so our energy levels and moods were not all that great. I found it hard to find the enthusiasm to celebrate Canada Day, and to be fully present for Wesley's baptism...but that's just the way it goes sometimes, and we rolled with it. 

While we were tired, we certainly enjoyed being with our family and friends, and enjoyed making more memories for our family. 
To recap our trip....
A splash pad kid's party. A Canada Day that included a BBQ at my sister's, the Aviation Museum and fireworks for Winslow and N+K. Wesley's baptism and a HUGE feast afterwards. More splash pad and playground fun at  Landsdowne with Roxy and her girls. Changing of the Guard on Parliament Hill. The Museum of Nature with Grandpa. Sushi! Mandarin! Icecream! IKEA! A swim and dinner chez Les Nimans. Dinner and icecream with Margaret. 
Yes, we did all this in 8 days. And yes, I am tired...but a good kind of tired. The kind that makes me feel satisfied and full, but also happy to be home and returning to a slower summer rhythm. 

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