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Friday, March 11, 2016

peace and calm

The days are long, but the years are short. I need to remind myself of this from time to time.
It's been an on going adjustment around here, with Winslow going back to work. There are stretches, where he works long days (12+hrs) for days (or nights) in a row, and as the caregiver in our family, I buckle down and get through those days. 
One step at a time, I tell myself. One thing at a time. One play date, one birthday party to get to, one fight to deal with, one meal to make at a time. We are getting there. We are making it. But, I can tell by my sometimes 8:30 pm bedtime, that I am one tired mama by the end of the day.
This parenting gig is a complex one. 
On one hand, it's demanding and hard. The non stop requests (times 3). Food, bathroom help, clothing help, conflicts between the older two, basic needs from the baby. I sometimes have to remind myself to drink water and eat, as I move from one child to the next. Oh and throw in a dog, and his needs too, while were at it. 
And then on the other side of it, there are the victories, the successes. The moments that make my heart melt. Like when I hear Noah and Katia come up with some amazing game (today they were secret agents, looking for clues). Or listening to Katia singing to Wesley to make him happy. 
I remind myself that each moment is important and beautiful. The hard ones are there, so that I can appreciate the good ones even more. Being an at home parent to three little ones, is tiring and emotional, but as I am learning, it is an opportunity for personal growth, and a true honour. 
During these long stints, while Winslow is at work, I often catch myself making mental notes of how to take care of myself too. I know that I must fill my cup, so that I can be a good parent for my little ones. 
While they may seem like little things, they all add up and make a big difference in how I parent. Things like, preparing and stocking up on healthy snacks to have on hand for when I need healthy energy. Starting off my day with a good meal. Reminding myself to drink more water. Going to bed earlier. Trying some yoga poses, when I find a spare moment in my day. Making the time to talk to my girl friends over the phone, a quick check in. All these little things count, and help.
We are still finding our footing here, and somedays it feels like an ongoing quest for peace and balance, but we are doing just fine. 

*an added note...upon looking at these images once again, I feel a sense of calm and peace, and yet, last week seemed anything but peaceful for me. I took these pictures today, while Winslow was home, and I had an extra set of hands to help out. It sees I am more peaceful and calm, when I have that extra support and help from Winslow. A great partner he is! 

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