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Monday, February 22, 2016

lived to tell the tale

This is the story of how we survived our first 1 parent/3 kid weekend, and lived to tell the tale.
It started out on a Friday and ended on a Sunday evening. 36 hours of being outnumbered to my children, and we made it through, with very little tears.
There were some cuss words, I'll admit. There was puke (thanks Wesley). There was 1 trip to emergency (again, Wesley being sick, but he is fine now). There were some mini adventures, in part because of 2 Beavers activities that happened. There was also, lots of down time, where we just hung out and made it through the day.
And while I am pretty impressed with myself for getting the 3 kids and myself, to and from the Beaver's events, I think I am even more proud of Noah and Katia for stepping up to the challenge of being a big brother and sister. These 2 amazing kids, played so well together all weekend (allowing me to take care of their sick baby brother), and also helped me out so much without complaining.
The games they played together were so creative. My favourite one, was watching them set up a museum and make opening hours for it. I was invited to the museum I should add, and it all all kinds of interesting rocks and gems on display (from our nature collection), along with some interesting science books to read. They also made forts, did drawings together, read together, ran hand in hand the whole way on our walk. Oh my!
So what started out as a weekend that I thought would be completely overwhelming, turned out to be a rather slow and reconnecting time for us all. In all honesty, I was scared of how the weekend would go. Would they want to be watching TV all weekend? Would they be fighting and at each other's throats? Would I have to come up with fun activities for them? Thankfully, they really showed me that they are becoming very independent and helpful kids, and that they actually enjoy each other's company.
The final icing on the cake was when Katia crawled into bed with Noah last night and fell fast asleep with him. Usually, Katia wakes up in the middle of the night for some water or just to call out for us. Last night she didn't. She just slept the night away with her brother.

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  1. ahhhh, you got this mama and that bond between N and K I honestly believe was forever forged from their time together in Beaver Creek. That's a gift you just cannot put a value on.


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