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Friday, February 19, 2016

taking stock

veggies, goats cheese and olives wrapped in phyllo 

We are slowly coming out of our sickness haze, and beginning to see the light. 
Yesterday, we had unseasonably warm and sunny weather, and so it was a picnic lunch outside on our back deck and a walk at Miner's Marsh. 
Recently Winslow went back to work, which means we are slowly finding a new kind of normal. 
Right now, I know that I am needed as the constant in our family, and it is good to feel that sense of belonging. As we find our way back to a routine and find a new need for organization, I know that I must be present and available. It may not be a glamourous job, but I'm reminding myself that it is important. 
In family news, our sweet Wesley Birch is now two months old. It's a beautiful time, that I am holding onto dearly. In one moment, I feel that he is still so small and fragile, and at the next moment, I marvel at his new developments and milestones. 
Yesterday our sweet boy had his vaccines, and while he did great during them, he was in so much discomfort at night. His poor cries, full of tears. We took turns holding him, kissing him and reassuring his feelings. There is something very comforting when someone tells you it's okay to be sad. Our poor babe. Thankfully today he is in much better spirits. 
And finally, in an attempt to make sure that I am in good spirits, I have been taking measures to practice self care as much as I can. Beautiful Hawaiian folk music, to calm my nerves. Homemade food that I enjoy (from this lovely book), not caring if the kids care for it. Walks in the sun. Chai tea in the afternoon. It's the little things, and boy are they beautiful when I take stock of them all. 


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  1. They are beautiful, and so are you. mother teresa said we can go no great things, only small things with great love


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