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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

taking care

It's been a winter for the books, let me tell you. 
It seems like since December, we've all been sick, one after the other. And I'm tired. 
More recently, Katia, Wesley and I all had a respiratory virus. It landed us with one trip to the emerg for baby Wesley, and two rounds of antibiotics (one for Katia, one for me). I'm still trying to get over an ear infection. 
I've heard from many other families, who once lived in the North and then came down South, that your first winter is the worst.It feels like we are picking up every bug there possibly can be, and I suppose that would be right after living in isolation for the last 5 years. Lets hope our bodies build some good immunity, and that next winter we will be all set for germ season. All that whining to say that, yes it has been quiet around here, because our lives have been pretty low key. 
I'm a big believer in rest when one is sick. And hot fluids too. So basically, the month of January and the start of February have been centered around days of rest, watching Netlfix and lots of hot drinks. 
While I am tired of being so sick, and would like for us all to be able to gallivant off to the toboggan hill, I am trying to see the bright side of this all, and there are good things to take note of. 
Things like family time, and lots of it. Family movie nights (and afternoons, and mornings, and .. well you get it), where we all cozy up under blankets. Hot lemon drinks. Art time (a new weekly? time we are setting aside). Baking. Short walks. Hot chocolate. Lots of baby snuggles.
We have ventured out a bit, and when we do so, it's nice... but it also knocks the energy right out of Winslow and I. It's good to get out, and we know the kids need it, but boy is it even nicer to come home and cozy up. 
And while I daydream ahead to summer days spent at the beach, having picnics and going on mini road trips, for now I am happy to be spending most of our days at home, being together and enjoying each other's company. 

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