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Friday, January 29, 2016

winter days at home

Time has flown by since Wesley was born. He is now 6 weeks old and we are really starting to see his personality come out. He responds to our affection with the sweetest little smiles and coos. He adores his big brother and sister and likes to talk with them when he gets the chance. He loves to be held and seldom is put down. Winslow and I fight over who gets to hold him, because when you know how fast they grow, you wan to savour each second. He is a light in our lives, and we let him know it as often as we can. 
In a few weeks, Winslow will return to work, and this cozy little family-moon of ours will come to an end. Of course, how we spend our time together when he goes back to work will still be family focused, but this special uninterrupted time of bonding is going to be a bit disrupted. 
The last 6 weeks have been filled with a lot of home time and I am so glad we have made it this way. We've had some lovely visits with my dad and Sarah (and soon Leslie), but other than that, our commitments have been kept simple. Meals at home, lots of movies and Netflix, arts and crafts, stories, and lots of time just being together. 
Our desire to keep things simple I think, has partly been because we have a little babe, and that in it's self is demanding, but also because of the time of year. The winter and having a baby really do go well together.
Here on the East Coast they don't take any chances when a winter storm is predicted. So far, we've had two full "snow days" (no school) and today, the schools were dismissed early. And while it may seem a tad over reactive to shut down everything because of a bit of snow, I quite enjoy any excuse to hunker down and not have to go anywhere. 
Today's snow day saw us watching yet again another episode of Full House (seriously the perfect show to watch with our littles), doing some directed drawings for art time and generally just enjoying each other's company. Nothing exciting, but exactly what we love to be doing.

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