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Saturday, January 23, 2016

a visit with sarah

When you find good friends, hold onto them, cherish them. 
Last Autumn, Sarah suggested that she'd like to come and visit us when the baby would be born. Just the thought of having her visit was exciting and comforting to me. I was honoured that she would make the trip to come and be with us during this special time in our lives. I looked forward to introducing our new babe to her. 
For 5 lovely days, we drank tea, cooked and ate, did yoga, watched episodes of Full House, hunkered down during snow storms and  ventured out for walks when it was nice out. We went out for lunches, went down to the sea and wandered through the Wolfville Farmer's Market. Most importantly, we shared some very special time together and Sarah was able to get to know our sweet Wesley. Sarah came ready to help (and hold!). She filled our tummies with delicious and healthy food, and loved on our children like they were her own. 
I am full of gratitude for the time we had together, and the effort that it took on Sarah and her husband Rich's part, to make it happen. Being with Sarah is always comforting and inspiring for me. I felt recharged having her here, getting to share with her my new life here in NS. There are so many layers to our friendship, where we have a level of comfort with each other that can only come with time and experience, and oh have we shared experiences. 
Truly, nothing could've topped this visit ....well ... except if Carol-Ann could've joined us. 

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